Handles and Knobs for Your Cabinets

Six Points Cabinets provide contemporary and traditional handles and knobs to give your project a finished look. Our store has a wide range of stylish handles and knobs, which use the Berenson range of hardware. Our expertise and knowledge in the industry allow us to provide you outstanding customer service through reliability, professionalism, quality, and maintenance.

Why You Need Handles and Knobs

Worried about unreasonable prices? Not anymore. We guarantee that we can beat the big box stores every time! Handles and knobs add personality to your cabinet designs, and that’s why we provide an extensive selection to make your cabinetry stand out. We make sure that our products complement your project’s vision. So let us choose the best handles and knobs and add some flair to your beautiful cabinets.

Expert Assistance

Are you unsure if the hardware you chose will work with your space’s design? Reach out to us for expert assistance with any questions or issues you have. With more than 70 years of experience, we know what to look for and what will work with different cabinet designs.

Handles and Knobs Gallery

Get inspired with our selection of handles and knobs in the gallery below. To view the full range of decorative hardware, visit our supplier, Berenson Hardware.